How to Instantly Fix Truist App Not Working

The Truist app is a convenient way to manage your finances, but it can be frustrating when it’s not working. If you’re experiencing problems with the app, you’re not alone. Many people have reported issues with the Truist app, including:


If you’re having any of these problems, don’t worry. There are a few things you can do to try to fix the issue.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common problems why the Truist app not working and how to fix them. We will also provide some tips to help you avoid problems in the future.

Why is My Truist App Not Working?

There are a few possible reasons why your Truist app is not working. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Server outage: This is the most common reason for an app not working. If the Truist servers are down, then the app will not be able to connect to them and will not work.
  • Bug in the app: The Truist app is complex software, and bugs can sometimes happen. If there is a bug in the app, it can prevent the app from working properly.
  • High traffic: The Truist app is very popular, and during peak times, there can be a lot of traffic on the app. This can sometimes cause the app to slow down or even crash.
  • Your device: If your device is not compatible with the Truist app, or if you are using an outdated version of the app, then the app may not work properly.
  • Your internet connection: If you do not have a good internet connection, then the Truist app may not be able to connect to the servers and will not work.

How to Fix Truist App Not Working

Here are a few things you can try if your Truist app is not working:

1. Check the Truist Website for Updates

If there is an outage, the website will usually have a message about it.

2. Restart Your Phone

This can sometimes fix problems with apps.

3. Clear the Cache and Data for the Truist App

This will delete any temporary files that may be causing problems. here are the steps on how to clear the cache and data for the Truist App on iPhone and Android:

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  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Tap on General.
  • Tap on iPhone Storage.
  • Scroll down and find the Truist app.
  • Tap on the Truist app.
  • Tap on Offload App.


  • Go to your Android phone’s Settings app.
  • Tap on Apps or Applications.
  • Find the Truist app and tap on it.
  • Tap on Storage & cache.
  • Tap on Clear cache.
  • Tap on Clear data.

Note: Clearing the cache and data for the Truist app will delete all of your saved settings and login information. You will need to sign in again to the app after clearing the cache and data.

What is Truist One View App?

Truist One View is a mobile banking app that allows you to manage your finances from anywhere. With Truist One View, you can:

  • See all of your accounts in one place, including checking, savings, credit cards, loans, and investments.
  • Make payments, transfer money, and set up alerts.
  • View your spending trends and track your budget.
  • Deposit checks with your phone’s camera.
  • Get customer support 24/7.

Truist One View is available for iOS and Android devices. To get started, download the app and create an account. You’ll need to provide some basic information, such as your name, address, and Social Security number. Once you’ve created an account, you can log in and start managing your finances.

Why is the Truist Account Locked?

  • You entered your password incorrectly too many times. Truist accounts are locked after a certain number of incorrect password attempts. If you enter your password incorrectly three times in a row, your account will be locked for 30 minutes. If you enter your password incorrectly five times in a row, your account will be locked for 24 hours.
  • You made a large transaction. Truist may lock your account if you make a large transaction that is out of the ordinary for your account. For example, if you typically spend $100 per day and then suddenly spend $1,000, your account may be locked as a fraud prevention measure.
  • Your account was compromised. If Truist suspects that your account has been compromised, they may lock it as a security measure. This could happen if your account information was stolen or if you clicked on a phishing link.
  • You didn’t complete your account verification. When you open a Truist account, you’ll be asked to provide some personal information to verify your identity. If you don’t complete this verification, your account may be locked.

If your Truist account is locked, you can unlock it by following these steps:

  1. Call Truist customer service. Truist customer service can help you unlock your account. They will ask you some security questions to verify your identity.
  2. Reset your password. If you entered your password incorrectly too many times, you can reset your password. To do this, go to the Truist website and click on “Forgot Password.” You’ll be asked to enter your account information and create a new password.
  3. Provide additional information. If Truist suspects that your account has been compromised, they may ask you to provide additional information to verify your identity. This could include things like your Social Security number or date of birth.

Once you’ve unlocked your account, you should be able to access it as usual. If you have any questions, you can contact Truist customer service for help.

Is There a Truist Mobile App?

Yes, there is a Truist mobile app. It is called Truist One View and it is available for iOS and Android devices.

What Bank Owns Truist?

Truist is now owned by Truist Financial Corporation, which was formed on February 19, 2022, through the merger of BB&T Corporation and SunTrust Banks, Inc.

How Do I Install Truist App?

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your device.
  • Search for “Truist One View.”
  • Tap on the “Truist One View” app icon.
  • Tap on “Install.”
  • Once the app is installed, open it and follow the instructions to create an account.

Here are the system requirements for the Truist One View app:

  • Android: Requires Android 6.0 or later.
  • iOS: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

How Do I Access My Truist Account?

Visit the official truist website or download the app from playstore or app store. click on login and login with your credentials. Truist may have additional security measures in place, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA). If MFA is enabled, you might be required to enter a verification code sent to your registered email or phone number.

After successfully entering your credentials and any required verification codes, you should be granted access to your Truist account. You can then view your account balances, transaction history, make transfers, and perform other banking activities.

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in conclusion, there are a few things you can do if your Truist app is not working. You can check the Truist website for updates, restart your phone, clear the cache and data for the Truist app, uninstall and reinstall the Truist app, or contact Truist customer service for help.

If you have tried all of these steps and your Truist app is still not working, it is possible that there is a problem with the Truist servers. In this case, you will need to wait for Truist to fix the problem.


Is Truist a Chinese bank?

No, Truist is not a Chinese bank. It is an American bank that was formed in 2020 by the merger of BB&T and SunTrust Banks. The headquarters of Truist is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Is my money safe in Truist Bank?

Yes, your money is safe in Truist Bank. Truist is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means that your deposits are insured up to $250,000 per depositor. This means that even if Truist Bank fails, you will not lose your money.

Is Truist a good bank?

Truist Bank is a large bank with a wide range of products and services. It is a good option for people who are looking for a bank with a physical presence in their area and a variety of banking options.


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